The Daily WTF: Macaulay Culkin DJs Dinosaur Birthday Party In New York… His Dinosaur Birthday Party

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Macaulay Culkin DJ dinosaur party New York City wtfSince 2010, former child star Macaulay Culkin has kind of been in hiding. He's done some voice work for Robot Chicken and occasionally been photographed looking shockingly skinny, but for the most part no one knows his whereabouts.

UNTIL NOW. It turns out that Macaulay has blended in to the hipster population of New York City, but rather than slink along the street in whatever has replaced flannel as the cliché clothing choice, he's become DJ “Mac,” who throws monthly parties with inexplicable themes. The Daily Beast made it into Macaulay Culkin's iPod: Dinosaur Birthday Party — I shit you not — last week and lived to write about it.

As you might have surmised from the title of the party, Mac wasn't actually spinning anything; his iPod provided the music, while everyone else brought the entertainment. Guests arrived in dinosaur gear, ranging from a guy who stuck a bunch of Toys R Us figurines to his T-shirt, to a girl in a stegosaurus costume who won best dressed. There's also face-painting—because if you haven't guessed, Mac's aim in these parties seems to be to recapture his lost adolescence. Past parties have included a prom where he crowned king and queen.

Macaulay Culkin iPod DJ dinosaur birthday party wtf New York City Le Poisson RougeIt sounds like an absolutely trippy experience, especially when the Daily Beast writer went all armchair psychoanalyst on Macaulay. (No shame, I would've done the same!)

Culkin never self-destructed before our eyes, but what’s unclear is his current state of mind. I couldn’t tell whether his dinosaur party was ironic. Since we’ve all trapped him as a child, perhaps he wants his guests to be there with him. If playing the DVD of Jurassic Park 3 was meant as a playful wink to Hollywood for not casting him in the third Home Alone movie, then good for him—if not, then I would tell him the first movie is definitely the best one. I couldn’t tell whether he is bitter and angry, or whether he needs some friends and this is the safest way for him to hang out in public.

Apparently Mac throws these iPod-directed soirees every month. Who knows what the next theme will be—bar mitzvah?

Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN; Le Poisson Rouge