Love, Laugh Links: Whatever, Selena, I wasn’t going to invite you to my slumber party anyway.

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• When I picture my fantasy relationship I thought of being disrespected, paying for every meal, and listening to his amateur indie band perform their cover of Yoko Ono covering “Fireworks.”  Good girls do end up wanting the GOOD guys … (YourTango)

• Even Sarah Jessica Parker can't live up to the legacy of Carrie Bradshaw, so how can you? Why it's okay that you're not a Carrie, a Samantha, a Charlotte, or even a Miranda (CollegeCandy)

• He hasn't text you in days and you're running through all the possibilites of what could happen to him : flu, death in the family, shipwrecked, or freak polar bear attack. Stop stressing and move on. (TheCollegeCrush)

•Selena Gomez says she doesn't trust other girls: I blame Justin Bieber. (Gurl)

• Wrangler Jeans  adds another tick mark to my list of “Things that I'm self-conscious of,” a dry and flaky butt??? (TheFrisky)

• Okay, she isn't Kate Middleton, but she's definitely she's still a Princess with some serious fashion cred. Get in line with the new trendsetter of Royal fashion. (BettyConfidential)

• How to get your boyfriend's parents to love you more than him… (BlogWithBenefits)