Love, Laugh Links: Leonardo DiCaprio’s date with a dude, but it’s totally not what you think

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Leo has dated almost every Victoria's Secret model imaginable, so what could the next step up be? (YourTango)

• Why you can't be big pimpin' in college, when it's not actually your money (CollegeCandy)

• Fight or Flight: Why your natural instinct isn't getting you the relationship you've always wanted (CollegeCrush)

• Just wave the white flag at the exact same time: the battle of the sexes should be a draw (Gurl)

• OKCupid has become like that irritating friend in a relationship who thinks she knows who you should be dating better than you do. (TheFrisky)

• Zooey Deschanel's little piggies were all done up for the show, but we were the ones squealing at her adorable manicure. (BettyConfidential)