Love, Laugh, Links: If You Do Anything This Weekend, Do It With Love-Ish.

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• 10 Love Lessons I learned from Rory Gilmore. (Gurl)

• Awww, this is a nice feel-good story. You should read it. (The Frisky)

• How to cut your losses and move on. Just take the emotional baggage truck, get in the front seat and on. (The College Crush)

• Is casual sex right for you? Maybe. (Your Tango)

• Did you know there's a website in Japan where you can rent a boyfriend. I want to go to there? (CollegeCandy)

• 11 celebs wearing crocs in public. THE HORROR! (The Frisky)

• Here are some awesome gifts that costs less than $25. Treat yourself. (Betty Confidential)