Heidi Klum’s Daughter Lou Sulola Samuel Just Made My Uterus Contract

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As an avid celebrity child aficionado, there's nothing more exciting than spotting a rarely seen celebrity baby like Heidi Klum‘s and Seal‘s youngest child, Lou Sulola Samuel. It's invigorating and nerve wracking all at once.

While I know everything about the big players — the Suri Cruises, the Violet Afflecks, The Honor Warrens –of Hollywood, I know nothing about the lesser-photographed children. What color do they dye their hair? How expensive are their designer shoes? Do they wear jackets in the winter?

It's like spotting an exotic animal in a public park and being unsure of whether to photograph it or run for safety. The unknown is truly unpredictable. However the unpredictability doesn't make the children any less cute. And in the case of Lou Sulola Samuel, I'm okay not knowing everything…for now. At least until my uterus stops contracting from this photo.