Long Live Alexander McQueen At Fashion Week

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Long Live Alexander McQueen At Fashion Week wenn2738008 269x200 jpg

Flowers and mourners outside of the Alexander McQueen shop in Los Angeles

There are some things that even figure skater inspired outfits by Zac Posen can’t make better. Alexander McQueen’s untimely death has cast a pall over fashion week, and everyone who’s anyone is in mourning. Cynthia Rowley included a mention of the fashion world’s loss in her program, Anna Wintour fled the tents immediately after hearing about his suicide and flowers have been piling up outside the New York-based McQueen store. McQueen muse Daphne Guinness even spent time outside the store talking with other visitors.

Others have been paying tribute in their own unique way – we caught sight of Jay Manuel of America’s Next Top Model at Kim Kardashian’s show for Bebe (let me save you some time – rompers, there were a lot of rompers) and he noted that he was wearing something by Alexander McQueen every day for fashion week. “He was such a visionary, and it’s a great loss,” Jay remarked.

Though frankly, we prefer to remember McQueen’s own quote in his last interview where he remarked, “When I’m dead, hopefully this house will still be going. On a spaceship. Hopping up and down above earth.” It may sound a bit far fetched but then, so did shows featuring holograms of Kate Moss (which McQueen pulled off perfectly). I hope one day the house does end up on a spaceship –- and I hope any aliens they encounter look half as beautiful as the ones in McQueen’s last show.

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