Live,Laugh,Links: All Air Bud, All The Time

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• The little kid from Air Bud is all grown up now. And his best friend is no longer a dog. (CollegeCandy)

• OMG! My boyfriend won't stop licking my face. What do I do? Step One: is your boyfriend a dog? Then dump him! Unless he's Air Bud, then's he's famous and you should try to make it work. (The Frisky)

• 5 reasons why women can't climax. Reason #6, your thinking too much about what happened to Air Bud. (Your Tango)

• Okay, I agree. ENOUGH about Air Bud. Let's meet some girls who DJ. (Vixely)

• Then let's discuss the mysterious husband of EL James and how many shades of grey socks he owns. (Betty Confidential)

• What are calories anyway? And how many calories did Air Bud need to eat to play sports so well? Just kidding. Let's talk normal non-sport dog calories. (Gurl)