Live, Laugh, Links:Octomom Solidifies Nomination For Parent Of The Year

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•In light of her recent abuse charges, Octomom Nadya Suleman continues to prove that she is the world's best mother (of 14!) with her extremely tasteful appearance at NYC’s XL Hot Mess Drag Review. What's that you ask? Oh, why yes, there are pictures! (The Frisky)

• Really can't decide how I feel about this bra…it's fun? I think. Help me out here and let me know. (Gurl)

•Oh hey, more pictures! This time of Cameron Diaz stripping down to her skivvies for an old guy. Yes, the old guy is Terry Richardson, but still. (CollegeCandy)

•I have a great idea. Let's prove our love by getting matching tattoos. That way I (and the world at large) will know it's really real. Am I right, Chris Brown and Rihanna? (Your Tango)

•”Me: Long walks on the beach, Butter Beer, Buffy. You: Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Elvish (the language), LOTR (original animated, not live action).” ‘Cause Chrisian Mingle didn't tap the last of the online dating world's niche markets. (Betty Confidential)

•How would you like to learn to longboard? How would you like to learn to do it with the super awesome Kristina Horner? I know, the answer's yes! (Gurl)

•You both love 30 Rock, hate Teresa Guidice, and can't decide whether Honey Boo Boo's sketti looks delicious or disgusting. But is it real love? (The College Crush)

(Photo: Wicked Pictures)