Live, Laugh, Links:It’s Like 10,000 Spoons When All You Need Is A… Domestic Assualt

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•And isn't it ironic: Since when is a distaste for 90's alternative lady rock an excuse for domestic violence? (The Frisky)

•How a little (facial) hair can have a big impact on your relationship. (Your Tango)

•I'm going to be a slutty owl for Halloween. How 'bout you? If you aren't sure yet, here are some ideas. They might not be the sexiest, funniest, or most relevant, but they will make you/your friends say “WTF?” (College Candy)

•Oh, wait. I'm actually going to be sexy Big Bird. Now if only I could find a life-sized binder… (Gurl)

•Don't know what to wear on your first date? How 'bout the “little Gucci dress, little Gucci dress, or little Gucci dress?” But if you're not Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) in Spice World, these tips might also be helpful. (The College Crush)

•And if you didn't already love the band Fun (“We Are Young”) enough, you probably will after reading about their awesome new collaboration. (Betty Confidential)

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