Live, Laugh, Links: Giving The Term ‘Tongue Tied’ A Whole New Meaning

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•Aside from the obvious, here are 4 reasons not to get your mack on at your next holiday party. (The Frisky)

•If you're feeling bad about your kissing technique here are 8 couples even worse at it than you.  (Gurl)

•Didn't anyone ever tell you that Mama knows best? (The College Crush)

•This might be about how to survive your in-laws this holiday season, but the advice is applicable to any relationship. (Your Tango)

•Do you think you could go a whole month without texting? (College Candy)

•Sometimes you've just got to say it: “so long, sucker.” (The College Crush)

•It's time to break out of your shyness shell and just be awesome. (Your Tango)

•I have trouble believing that Emma Stone has beauty woes but here's how she cures them! (Betty Confidential)

•These gifts can either be seriously sexy or seriously funny. Take your pick! (Gurl)

•And some not so sexy (but still great) gifts to get your boo this holiday season. (College Candy)

•Now you really can shit gold. Seriously. Huh? (The Frisky)

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