Live, Laugh Links: You’d Never Guess This, But Cosmo Is Effing Up Your Game

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• Just in case you were thinking that a tattoo would make you look cooler, this will make you certain. (College Candy)

• Watch this supercut of every Oscar Best Picture winner. Don’t get embarrassed if you get the chills. It happened to me too. (OK Gorgeous)

• Shocker of the day… Rapists even exist on Christian dating sites! (The Frisky)

• Just one more sarcastic link… Cosmo is bad for relationships!! A big ole’ cookie to the Einstein who figured that out. (Ladyish)

• If men are turned off by my drop-crotch patterned onesies, do I really even want to turn them on? The answer is no. (Your Tango)

• So, about bacterial vaginosis… (Gurl)

• Hey Lauren Conrad… Is your little polka-dotted dress from your Kohl’s line? Yeah, I didn’t think so. (Betty Confidential)

• I might watch MTV Friendzone but I sure as sugar don’t want to live it. (The College Crush)

• How to move back in with your parents and not be latched onto the financial teat. (Money Crashers)

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