Live, Laugh, Links: Whip you? No way! Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

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• Wondering what guys are thankful for this year? The answers are right here… (College Candy)

• “What do you mean you don't want to whip me?!” I imagine this is what this wife said to her now ex-hubby, whom she divorced because he wouldn't reenact Fifty Shades of Grey with her. (The Frisky)

• Just because he says he's sorry, doesn't mean he means it. Sometimes it's just time to let go. (The College Crush)

• Do you follow any of these first date rules? (Gurl)

• If your latest crush likes Star Wars and thinks Joss Whedon is the man (who wouldn't) he's a  Sci-Fi geek and you should definitely date him. (YourTango)