Live, Laugh Links: Uncle Jesse’s Music Career Is Finally Taking Off

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• Uhh, John Stamos is going to be playing guitar for The Black Keys. My mind just exploded. (College Candy)

• I only Instagram my coffee when the people at Starbucks butcher my name, but everybody's different! (Ladyish)

•  Just a bunch of fun quotes about masturbation… (Gurl)

• You should make your day better by doing something that you're terrible at. (The College Crush)

• The dude-objectifying answer to Seth MacFarlane‘s “We Saw Your Boobs.” (OK Gorgeous)

Jamie Lynn Spears‘ fiance looks like he's 34 years old, and it's terrifying. (Betty Confidential)

• Vermont is for lovers, and the reason has nothing to do with Ben and Jerry's. Just kidding, it's like, the primary reason. (Your Tango)

• Today's fun gift idea: Michael Jackson nesting dolls! (The Frisky)

• What age did your parents start leaving you at home without a babysitter? (Money Crashers)

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