Live, Laugh Links: Ben Affleck is Just a 5 O’ Clock Shadow Of Himself

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• Apparently, the answer to your diet woes isn't Jenny Craig, it's infidelity? (Your Tango)

• Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell are at war again, is it wrong to suggest a catwalk-off to end this battle here and now? (Hollywood Hiccups)

• Nick Lachey  to release an children's album, I'm wondering if him and his son have matching bandanas and choreographed dance moves yet? (College Candy)

• Start looking for a vampire to turn you because apparently light is yet another reason why you're gaining weight. (Ladyish)

• Jennifer Lawrence and me are Besties, she just doesn't know it yet. Here's another reason why you want her to be your bff too… (OK Gorgeous)

• One company created a “more masculine” yogurt because you know one minute men are eating yogurt, and the next they're prancing in heels, singing along to “Girls just want to have fun.” Check out the ridiculous “brogurt.”  (Gurl)

• You need to get your daily dose of glossy Jennifer Lawrence pictures, but those magazine subscriptions add up. Here's how to save and feed your habit. (Money Crashers)

• I know hair is already dead skin cells, but can we please hold a service or at the very least, have a moment of silence for the death of Ben Affleck's beard… (The Frisky)

• A little positive reinforcement and your life can be how you always envisioned it. Shutting my eyes and hoping Ryan Gosling appears in my life… (College Crush)

• Be able to say you're wearing Marchesa with an apathetic tone. No one needs to know that you didn't actually spend Marchesa prices to get it, either. (Betty Confidential)

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