Live, Laugh Links: What Would Ryan Lochte Do To Make You Make You Laugh Cry?

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• In this TV anchor's defense, its nearly impossible to keep yourself form laugh-seizing if you're interviewing Ryan Lochte. (Betty Confidential)

• But seriously, what is the cast of The Mighty Ducks doing now? (College Candy)

• Get ready to blaspheme your most beloved childhood characters. These 7 children's TV stars were arrested for crimes of passion. (Your Tango)

• How well do you know the 90s? (Gurl)

Emma Watson‘s valley girl accent in trailer number 2 for The Bling Ring is like, sooo gooood. (OK Gorgeous)

• In this apology note, a very guilty bike thief apologizes for drunkenly “borrowing” a bike without asking, and encloses a Dominos coupon. Happy endings do happen! (The Frisky)

• What your favorite “upscale homeless” clothing retailer says about you. (Ladyish)

• Ruh-roh! Christina Aguilera and Rachel Weisz wore the same dress. (ET Onilne)

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