Live, Laugh, Links: This Monday Start With Pancakes, Go On A Date, And Then Have A Drink.

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• Have you ever wondered what  pancakes and relationships have in common? No? Never thought of it? Now you might be. (The College Crush)

• Guys want you to be aggressive, b-e aggressive…in the bedroom at least.(Vixely)

• If your boyfriend's mom doesn't like you, tell her to fuck off. Just kidding. Please, please don't do that. Do this instead… (Gurl)

• Would you knowingly date an ex-pickup artist? (The Frisky)

• Even though recent celebrity break ups have led me to believe that all relationships are doomed, here are five ways to (try and) make sure yours isn't. (Betty Confidential)

• Looking to find love at a bar? Who better to tell you how than a bartender.  (Your Tango)

Photo: James Breeden/Pacific Coast News