Live, Laugh, Links: Oh Joy, It’s Only December 13th

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•Tis the season to get fresh, y'all. (Blog With Benefits)

•$100 gift card?! Holiday giveaways are the shit. (Gurl)

•So many cultural icons, so little time to find them all the perfect gifts. Want some help with that? (Flavorwire)

•When you're done shopping for Michelle Obama,you might wanna figure out what to get your dude. (Betty Confidential)

•And the ultimate present this year? A sweater named after you, by a real designer. (Refinery 29)

•Because there's nothing worse than being alone on the holidays. Except maybe a generic online dating profile. (Your Tango)

•Shine bright like a diamond made out of all that coal you might get this year. (Is that possible?) Guess you should find out if you're on the naughty list, then brush up on your science. (Gurl)

Kanye West takes his leggings in leather, and with a skirt. Kinky. (College Candy)

•Is Chelsea Clinton killing it and why don't I know that already? (The Frisky)

•So this is what a nice guy sounds like? Whoa. Now stop gaslighting me. (The College Crush)

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