Live, Laugh, Links: Nothing Wrong With A Little Boob Squeeze

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•It started off as the perfect bra… It did not end that way. (Gurl)

•Squeeze your boobs if you wanna prevent cancer! Best news I've read all day. (The Frisky)

•I subscribe to the “sex cures a headache” school of thought, but apparently, the opposite might also be true. Great. (Your Tango)

•A hometown hookup just might make spending the week at mom's house all the more bearable… (College Candy)

•Some arguments for keeping your panties on for the ladies who actually wear panties. (The College Crush)

•Better get your lip game right if you have any upcoming mistletoe plans. (Betty Confidential)

•So they say Facebook isn't just for stalking anymore. (Blog With Benefits)

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