Live, Laugh, Links: Madonna On All Fours…Say What?!

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•Dressing up like Madonna, a sexy devil, or a slutty vampire might be your thing this Halloween, but these animals wear these favorite costumes a little differently… (CollegeCandy)

• If you're looking to write a letter using invisible ink, try writing it with semen. Nope, seriously. And that's just one of six other interesting uses for the baby makin' substance. (The Frisky)

•Burping, farting and…skid marks? Gross.  Idk ladies, can you overlook this list? (Your Tango)

•Not only is Fall good for cuddling, apple picking, and chunky sweaters, but it's also great for your face! (Betty Confidential)

• Don't you just love it when someone says “I still want to be friends” after a breakup? Nope, me neither! Sometimes when a relationship ends, you don't have to be friends. (Gurl)

• Get some confidence, girl. Then go out and get some! (The College Crush)