Live, Laugh, Links: Love Lessons For All

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•Dating more than one guy at a time might not be a good idea. Juggling is hard stuff! (Your Tango)

•Sports and love go better together than you may have imagined. (College Candy)

•Deciding on the right holiday gift for your friends with benefits might be difficult. Let this guide help you out!  (Your Tango)

•.Our favorite celebrities taught us a few love lessons this year. (Gurl)

•Is your friend dating an asshole? A drunk? Loser? or any other negative fill in the blank? Let's see if there's something you can do about it. (The College Crush)

•Looking to improve your sex life? Check out these tips from some sexperts. (College Candy)

•Would you let a website plan your date? (The Frisky)

•You're allowed to eat. In fact, get this, everyone is! Didn't you know that's how we survive? Stop feeling bad about it! (The Frisky)

•Wear one dress up to five different ways! (Gurl)