Live, Laugh, Links: Let’s Wrap

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•”So there I was, standing in line for the Salad Works in the food court, and up walked my boyfriend's girlfriend.” Is an open relationship for you? (Your Tango)

•Dig guys who are vertically challenged? Fantasy nerds? Not funny? Let's talk about your secret type. (The College Crush)

•On the plus side, your friend with benefits is probably wrapping it up? (College Candy)

•Is your mom about to get an Oscar of Porn? ‘Cause this mom is. (Your Tango)

•I thought that creepy crawler science lab thing was the Easy Bake Oven for boys?! (College Candy)

•It's getting cold. Time to partner up. (The College Crush)

•Let's talk about (sleep) sex, baby. (The Frisky)

•…Unless you're really grossed out by sex in general. (Gurl)

•Sugar body scrubs are like rubbing candy all over your body. Mmm. (Betty Confidential)

•When I was in 5th grade, I wore my hair in a bun every day. Of course, now they're in. (The Frisky)

•”So I'm standing in line for the Salad Works, yes, again, and up walks my guy best friend's girlfriend…” (Gurl)

•Wrap it up! And I'm not talking about your penis. Also, yes I just said penis. (Betty Confidential)

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