Live, Laugh Links: Jon Hamm Wants You To Be His Valentine

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• If Jon Hamm said this to you today, you just may be having the best Valentine's Day ever. And we hate you. (OK Gorgeous)

Beautiful Creatures star Alice Englebert spent like, half her life on a plane. Just in case you wanted to know… (Betty Confidential)

• Not every college costume party is as terrifyingly offensive as a Duke “Pedo” party… (College Candy)

• One of these days, if you're super lucky, you just might stumble across Prince Harry‘s OkCupid profile… (Your Tango)

• Soo, it's almost 4 o'clock on Valentines Day. This means it's officially acceptable to start drinking. (The College Crush)

• There is now a Tamagotchi App. Meaning, you can now unwittingly neglect an imaginary living thing on your phone. Awesome! (Gurl)

• Uhh, yeah I'm in the mood to watch The Shawshank Redemption on V-day… Is that even a question? (The Frisky)

• Actual tagline from a feminine hygiene ad: “A clean beaver finds more wood.”(Ladyish)

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