Live, Laugh Links: TIME Magazine’s Most Influential Person In Our Hearts

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• Looks like TIME Magazine isn't immune to the Jennifer Lawrence friend crush effect…. She's on their list of this year's 100 Most Influential People! (Betty Confidential)

• Add some pizazz to your pregnancy by body painting your baby bump… Seriously, this is a thing. (College Candy)

• Chicks before d**cks– its the way to live. (Your Tango)

• Do you find the Twin Peaks movie too disturbing? Pop a Tylenol to take the edge off… (Ladyish)

• Check out these 10 movies inspired by your high school reading list. (Gurl)

• These types of girls are the reason I didn't join a sorority. (The Frisky)

• How to get through your first fight with your boo. (The College Crush)

• Check out this dissection of Allison Brie‘s appeal. I mean, Trudy Campbell is sort of a G. (OK Gorgeous)

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