Live, Laugh Links: It’s Not A Hopeless Place, If A Lot of People Are Finding Love There, Right?!?

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• Kim Kardashian is already pretending to be a mother, when we know she'll have tons of nannies to do the job for her (Hollywood Hiccups)

• Do I hear a sexy new collaboration coming in our near future? Shakira and Usher join The Voice as judges…(Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Liz Lemon rocked the mom jeans like a boss, her real-life counterpart, Tina Fey, is learning to dress like a real fashionista. (The Frisky)

• I thought that alcohol was the ultimate aphrodisiac, but apparently twitter is now too?!? (College Candy)

• It's a mad, mad men world at Banana Republic. (OKGorgeous)

• Parents get the pitchforks out for yoga in public schools. I think, they're just running out of things to ask to ban. (The Frisky)

• I can't tell that Jennifer Lawrence's boobs are uneven in these Dior Ads. (Betty Confidential)

• The fluorescent lights of Wallmart set the mood to find your perfect soulmate. No, but really. (Ladyish)

• This is the real life version of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and well, you're starring in it… (Your Tango)

• Don't know how to talk to your crush? AsAmy Poehler, but you're warned. You might end up having a crush instead on Amy after seeing this video. (Gurl)

• You think your once-a-day Starbucks habit is not breaking the bank, you're definitely wrong. Here are the secret things that are busting your budget. (Money Crashers)

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