Live, Laugh Links: I Just Want Some Heart-Shaped Foods!

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• I only look forward to Valentine's Day for heart-shaped desserts, and I'm not ashamed. (The Frisky)

• Sometimes, Rihanna goes beyond Instagram and has other people take her picture whilst the smokes a blunt. (College Candy)

When Harry Met Sally bolsters my faith in the integrity of human bonds. And makes me want pastrami. (The College Crush)

• Masturbation helps to relieve cramps? Who knew… (Gurl)

• Saudi cleric suggests that baby girls wear burqas to safeguard against sexual assault. Because as a female, you're never too young to be askin' for it. (The Frisky)

• Victoria's Secret has launched a line of Masectomy bras following a petition! (Betty Confidential)

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