Live, Laugh, Links: Hmm, What Song Goes Best With My Iced Coffee?

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•Don't you sometimes wish you could have a fashion advisor in your pocket? Well now you can, and her name is Emma Roberts. (Betty Confidential)

•Drinkify tells you the perfect drink to accompany what kind of music you're listening to. (CollegeCandy)

•Wanna guess what's the biggest turn on? I'll bet you a solid $10 you don't know. Find out here… (Gurl)

•There are three rules for sex when you're single and dating… (Your Tango)

•But didn't you know there's an exception to every rule? Here's four of them regarding the ‘no sex on the first date' rule. (The Frisky)

•Having casual sex might teach you a few things, but not having casual sex can too. (The College Crush)

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