Live, Laugh, Links:Get Your Cuddle On

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• Cuddling could lean to getting your freak on, but only about 17% of the time. (Your Tango)

• Don't let the fact that you & your boo disagree politically come in between your relationship. (The Frisky)

• Is it possible that long distance relationships don't deserve the horrible reputation we've given them? (CollegeCandy)

• If you've given up on dressing nice around your boyfriend and no longer give a shit, it might be a sign that you've become just a little too comfortable in your relationship. (The College Crush)

• How to determine if it's your friend's jerky boyfriend that's the problem, or if it's you. (Betty Confidential)

• 10 ways to get hot with your honey while it's cold outside. (Gurl)

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