Live, Laugh Links: Electrical Problem? Mr. Bean Can Help

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• One way to know that you shouldn't get back with your ex– his back looks like this. (Gurl)

Rowan Atkinson has a BA in electrical engineering, because Mr. Bean never fails to surprise us… (College Candy)

• Do your makeup in 5 minutes flat, and allot yourself infinite snoozes on your alarm in the morning! (Your Tango)

• Big up to the girl who wears her love for bitch drinks on her sleeve. We agree resoundingly… (The Frisky)

• This photo may make you disappointed to ever get in your car again. Unless you have a baby seal that lives on your dashboard. (Betty Confidential

•Did you get an allowance as a kid for doing special chores? Did it cultivate positive life habits? Nah, me neither. (Money Crashers)

• Rachel Maddow has some useful advice for Republicans… (The Frisky)

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