Live, Laugh Links: Chris Brown, You Are Not The Father! Hopefully…

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• Two birds with one stone– birth control on the bottom yogurt. (The Frisky)

• Social media dependent? That's ridiculous. I can stop tweeting anytime I want…. Seriously. (Gurl)

Chris Brown is tweeting shadily about paternity tests. This can't be good.(College Candy)

• 10 songs to mend your broken heart. You will survive. (Your Tango)

• Don't dump anybody like this, unless you're into torturing people. (College Crush)

• Little Hailee Steinfeld has so much potential. Check out her Paris haute couture fashion week outfit! (Betty Confidential)

Kanye‘s body is eating Kim Kardashian‘s frame in this photo, and it's awkward. (The Frisky)

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