Live, Laugh Links: Why So Serious, Carey Mulligan?

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• For some reason, this Victoria's Secret commercial directed by Michael Bay doesn't make me want to buy bras. (Betty Confidential)

• Well hellooo, shirtless tatted-up Ryan Gosling. It's lovely to make your acquaintance. (Your Tango)

• And here is Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan on the cover of Vogue looking like she's about to cry. (Ok Gorgeous)

• Is Azealia Banks‘ new single not-so-subliminally priming you to join the Illuminati? Maybe there should be a History Channel special on this. (College Candy)

• In gross-out news, read a little bit about “tittooing.” (Gurl)

• “Rip'n Chik'n” is a horrible name for an equally horrible fried poultry product. (The Frisky)

• Breathe new life into your one-piece bathing suit with a bobcat face print. (Ladyish)