Live, Laugh, Links: Bumpin’ Uglies For STD Awareness…

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• Size matters…and not in the department that you think.(Betty Confidential)

• Guess what couples? Calling your significant other honey, boo, baby, sweet thing, or anything else kinda makes us nauseous. Please stop it. (College Candy)

• Here's a tip: credit score isn't first date talk. (The Frisky)

• “Hey, nice to meet you! Do you have an STD? Let me check my phone to make sure.” That's something someone might actually say thanks to this new app. (Gurl)

• Single girl's guide to New Year's resolutions. (Your Tango)

• Do you have a wet blanket in your life? Trick question because we all do, so the answer is yes.  (The College Crush)

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