Live, Laugh Links: Boyz II Men Will Single Handedly Repopulate Russia

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• It's Lauren Conrad's birthday, let's see what the reformed reality star is up to! (Your Tango)

Kanye West won't be in the delivery room with Kim- if he wants to see her vagina, he can just watch the sex tape thankyouverymuch. (College Candy)

• Your hormones lie, don't always trust the chemistry you feel with someone. (College Crush)

• Embrace your quirks and realize they're what make you beautiful (Gurl)

• If there's one person that knows how to get me in the mood for some sweet lovin' it's Vladimir Putin… (The Frisky)

• The job interview is like a first date, and you definitely don't want to lose out on an opportunity for a committed relationship. (Money Crashers)

• Sad to see 30 Rock end? Well now you have a bit of Liz Lemon in your freezer… (Betty Confidential)

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