Live, Laugh Links:: As Long As There’s Champagne, I’m Happy

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• Currently painting flames on my grandma's walker in hopes she'd be as badass as Helen Mirren. (Betty Confidential)

• Celebrate Galentine's Day with pride, check out our gallery of super cool and single celebrities. (College Candy)

• You getting married on Valentine's Day is only another reason for me to have yet another glass of champagne. (Your Tango)

• Thank you Kelly Wearstler, for making us feel bad for even looking at food. (The Frisky)

• And you thought you could never learn a thing from a Sting-Ray: Learn how to photo-bomb like a pro. (Gurl)

• Make Valentine's Day a day about the people you love, and not about feeling unloved. (College Crush)

• Tight Budget? Doesn't mean you can't make Valentine's Day work for you.(Money Crashers)

• Get a celebrity body, with a regular person sized wallet. (Chick Rx)

• If you wanted a cheesy Hallmark Valentine's Day card, move on, this isn't what you want (Gurl)

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