Live, Laugh, Links: Apparently Peeing In Front Of Your Significant Other Is Really, Really Romantic.

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• Dating an old guy is just like dating one your own age…except he's old and probabaly going through a mid-life crisis. (The Frisky)

• If this article on taking breaks in a relationship had been written earlier, Ross and Rachel might not have broken up in the first place. (YourTango)

• Bride and Groom get married via Twitter. Confirmation that true, romantic love is dead. (Betty Confidential)

• According to this guy, if your boyfriend farts in front of you, you should cherish it. (CollegeCandy)

• If your PDA habits are making your friends want to barf, chances are your relationship sucks.  (Gurl)

• Watch a hot guy talk about how he loves porn. Makes the mistake of comparing his girlfriend to a porn star.  (Gurl)