Live, Laugh Links: Andrew W.K. Supports Positive Feminine Hygiene

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• The people who bullied Jennifer Lawrence are totally realizing they're the lamest lame-o's ever to shame the name of Lame-o-stan. (Gurl)

• And Andrew W.K. is the charming new face of these ph-balanced vaginal wipes. Branding! (The Frisky)

• In which we reflect fondly on Nicki Minaj‘s most prodigious weaves. (College Candy)

• This is the only cool way to fade into the wallpaper. (Ladyish)

• Be as awkward as you can all the time for the rest of forever. People are into it. (The College Crush)

• They're always after Jack Nicholson‘s Lucky Charms…(OK Gorgeous)

• Just imagine the Tumblr, “People you pick up at Wal-Mart.” (Your Tango)

• These outfits are straight out of Oz. (Betty Confidential)

• Literally every morning with liquid eyeliner is like this. (The Frisky)

• This is what a family budget will look like for people who have more than 200 dollars in their savings account. (Money Crashers)

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