Live, Laugh, Links: No, YOU Eat Mor Chickin

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• Did you know that you can trade your homosexuality for a chicken sandwich. Well, now you do. (The Frisky)

• Turns out New Adult fiction is a think you can now read. So do that. (Gurl)

• Katie Holmes looks pretty good in her first print ad for Bobbi Brown (Betty Confidential)

• Telltale signs of a cheater, in video form! (Your Tango)

• 25 best quotes from Toddlers & Tiaras (CollegeCandy)

• Do you prefer the ex-files of The X-Files? Take a moment to think about it. (College Crush)

• I do not like this dress and I do not think she should have worn it. (The Frisky)

• Personal account: Adam Levine is really bad at picking women up (Gurl)