Live, Laugh, Links: Relationships Are Comprised Of Bad Jokes And Cliches

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• Remember that Herbal Essences commercial from the '90s that basically doubled as porn? (Betty Confidential)

• “Your love is a drug” is a now a fact and not just some cliched line in songs and movies. (College Candy)

• A woman almost motorboated a man to death. On purpose. While kinda hysterical, this is not a joke. (The Frisky)

• Here's how to make sure your guy lasts longer in bed. As they say, time is of the essence. (Gurl)

• If Fifty Shades taught us anything, it's that toys are not just for kids and they can help you get out of a sexual rut. (Your Tango)

• I truly believe social media and relationships should never be linked, but this article has a point: Why dating should be more like Twitter.  (The College Crush)

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