Live, Laugh, Links: “You Talkin’ To Me, Lil Bub?”

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• Yeah, I'd say a first date is pretty bad when it ends with the guy stealing your car. (Your Tango)

• How to dress like your favorite Harry Potter characters. I must say, Snape inspires a very chic outfit. (Gurl)

• Five awesome dramatic readings of that insane sorority girl email. (College Candy)

• If you liked Lil Bub, then you'll love Lil Bub with Robert De Niro. (The Frisky)

• There is nothing wrong with wearing boy clothes and I totally wanted a Lindsay Weir jacket too. (Gurl)

• Some people are addicted to drama. Like, actually addicted. For real. (Betty Confidential)

• Your summer movie reading list because there are A LOT of adapted movies coming out soon. (Ok Gorgeous)

• What your favorite clothing store says about you. For example, if you like Ross you don't like music festivals but love spatulas! (Ladyish)

Lauryn Hill is attempting to avoid prison by putting out a CD. Not exactly the way people wanted her to make a come back. (ET Online)

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