Live, Laugh, Links: Of Course Pete Campbell Proposes With A Vintage-Style Ring

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• ABC wants Adam Scott (the golfer) to be the next Bachelor. I think he's too good for it and I know barely anything about him. (Your Tango)

• For those jewelry fans out there, check out Alexis Bledel‘s engagement ring. (Betty Confidential)

• I know you're sick of hearing about Amanda Bynes but this is different! The best Amanda Bynes fan art! (College Candy)

• Hey people in relationships, why so serious? (The College Crush)

• Disney channel is bringing back some old favorites like Lizzy McGuire (and don't forget best friend Miranda!) (Gurl)

• This gallery of famous cougars includes the obivous (Madonna) and the surprising (Tilda Swinton). (The Frisky)

• REAL advice on how to “get bikini-ready.” (Ladyish)

• Parenting tips from Lindsay Bluth and Maeby Funke. A D-minus is higher than a D and should be rewarded! (Ok Gorgeous)

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