Live, Laugh, Links: I’m Jealous Of Rihanna’s Eyelashes, Not Her Relationship

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•If you were Rihanna‘s friend, how would you tell her Chris Brown sucked? (The College Crush)

•”Casual sex? I could be into that…” Find out if it's right for you. (Your Tango)

•Adventures, like men, come in all shapes and sizes. Now let's go! (College Candy)

•Please explain: “guyatus.” (The College Crush)

•Never make someone feel bad for giving you a shitty gift again. (Your Tango)

•The Walking Dead bikini calendar is too ridiculous in a really good way. I think. (Gurl)

•From Lizzie Maguire to… not Lizze Maguire anymore. The Evolution Of Hilary Duff. (College Candy)

•I am totally suffering from eyelash envy. Uggh. (Betty Confidential)

•Brush up on your French kissing skills before you head to that make-out party later. (Gurl)

•Astrology 101: What each sign needs after a bad day. (The Frisky)

•CharityBuzz? That sounds interesting. (Betty Confidential)

•Apparently emerald green is the color of the year. For some reason I keep thinking about The Wizard Of Oz. (The Frisky)

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