Live, Laugh, Links: Don’t Forget Your Taylor Swift Hand Sanitizer!

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Brad Goreski wants to style Jennifer Aniston for her wedding, while I want Brad Goreski to style me for everyday life. (Your Tango)

• The Ultimate Spring Break Playlist. Or if you're out of school, The Ultimate I-Can-Still-Pretend Playlist. (College Candy).

• I don't think you're ready for this… Jello? Why it's okay to be “jello” girl instead of “creme brulee” girl. (The College Crush)

• These weird celebrity products found on Etsy are AMAZING. One is literally a bottle of hand sanitizer with Taylor Swift‘s face glued to it. (Gurl)

• Everyone is freaking out about these more realistically sized mannequins. Personally, I just love their socks. (The Frisky)

• St. Patrick's Day cocktail ideas if you're sick of beer. (Betty Confidential)

• A fashion blog that gives a history lesson on the inspiration behind newer trends. And if that sounds boring to you, it has lot of cool pictures too. (Ladyish)

• To quote the article, if you like “technology, fashion, architecture, science, history, burlesque models, or merely beautiful images” then you'll like this dress Dita Von Teese is wearing. (Ok Gorgeous)