Live, Laugh, Links: Happy International Women’s Day!

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• Today is International Women's Day! Celebrate by reading about these eight awesome ladies… (College Candy)

• …then buy this soap to support women's education in Africa. (The Frisky)

• If you want to meet people, be bold. If all else fails, pretend you know someone named Tyler. (The College Crush)

• Style and life lessons from What Not To Wear. Lesson five: Belts! (Betty Confidential)

Justin Timberlake‘s five funniest Saturday Night Live skits because more Timberlake is never a problem. (Your Tango)

• Ten crushable boys from books. I was more of a Ron Weasley girl myself… (Gurl)

• 20 ways to be happier. They're pretty simple, but a refresher course on happiness can't hurt. (Money Crashers)

• Learn a lesson about letting your perfectionism get the best of you from Beyonce‘s mistakes. Yes, Beyonce makes mistakes too. (Ladyish)

• The use of the word “affair” in the new Mad Men trailer is double-meaning in it's simplest form, but it still scares me. (OK Gorgeous)

• If you need something to do this weekend, make one of these DIY body scrubs. They look good enough to eat but please don't. (Chick Rx)

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