Screw Ariel, Here’s What Happened To Ursula After The Little Mermaid Ended

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You know what keeps me up at night? Thinking about what happened to Disney villains after they were defeated by the good guys. Like, Aladdin had a million and a half sequels (fine it only had two), and only one of them told us the story of what happened to Jafar after the Genie banished him to the Cave of Wonders for all eternity. Spoiler: he gets out of the Cave of Wonders. Sandy tigers once again prove to be anything but the impenetrable fortresses that they were once thought to be.

Since I’m sure this bothers you, too, I’ve got some news that’ll put all of our hearts at ease: Above Average has set out to help us in our quest for knowledge. Their new video shows what happens when The Little Mermaid‘s Ursula, a.k.a The Devil of the Ocean (not to be confused with the Chicken of the Sea), meets St. Peter to discuss the fate of her – ahem – poor unfortunate soul. It may or may not include punny sea-related expletives such as ‘bullshrimp’ and ‘basshole,’ but I don’t want to give anything away. Just watch.