List: 7 Tumblrs You May Not Be Following

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This morning's Cutegreggator post about the blog Animals With Casts got us thinking about other tumblrs with content worth wasting an afternoon on. We've got recipes, sex advice and something called Album Tacos. Follow away!

• Album Tacos: We're weirdly obsessed with this blog, which is literally just a bunch of album covers Photoshopped to include images of tacos. If someone wants to mock up Jagged Little Pill we'd be eternally grateful.

It's Just Sex: A sex advice column written by a liberal gal from Texas, this tumblr posts about a range of things — like sexual health, bedroom toys, and how to give good oral.

Celebrate With Cake: This blog hunts down the best dessert recipes on the web and stores them in one convenient place. We assume our cupcakes are in the mail.

• Invade Everything: A hilarious autobiographical web comic about two friends navigating life in Los Angeles, by cartoonist Ariel Schrag and writer Kevin Seccia.

• The Fashion Paradox: Maybe hide your credit card for this one. The Fashion Paradox is a tumblr devoted to online shopping that posts bargains and finds from across the web.

Copycats: Copycats is a blog dedicated to cover songs, mash-ups and remixes. No tacos though.

Dead Presidents: Described as “historical facts, thoughts, ramblings and collections on the Presidency and about the Presidents of the United States.” Getting-stuck-in-the-bathtub stories not included.