Watching The Lion King Broadway Cast Sing On The Subway Will Brighten Your Day

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Lion King Broadway cast subway performance

This video of the Broadway cast of The Lion King breaking into song on the New York subway just caused my eyes to get all watery, so I need to share it with you. It's the nicest pick-me-up to make your day a little brighter, because what's better than an impromptu a cappella performance of “The Circle of Life” in a public place? Nothing, I tell you! Nothing. (As long as the people singing it are actually talented, which they of course are.)

It's sort of a flash mob set up, with the cast pretending to be regular passengers spread throughout the train car before they break into song. According to the YouTube description the cast decided to do it in between shows back in June. If this all sounds familiar, it might be because a few months ago the Australian cast of the show did something similar on a plane. And of course they both chose “The Circle of Life,” because it's amazing and perfect and gah I'm having so many feelings right now!

There's something about this song that causes me to tear up every time I hear it, no matter the context. It's just so rousing and beautiful and emotional, and of course there's the nostalgia element because Disney movies were such an important part of my childhood. I saw this show on Broadway when I was nine years old, and I distinctly remember starting to cry during this number and then trying to play it off like I had something in my eye. Even nine-year-old me was like, “Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know!” Well now they know! They might as well also know that I cried during “Let It Go.” Now please watch this video and cry with me. Or at least humor me and pretend you did.