Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Leonardo DiCaprio Dances To ‘Blurred Lines’

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Leonardo DiCaprio in the trailer for The Wolf Of Wall StreetWelcome to the end of the day, gremlins. I'm calling you gremlins because I'm very grumpy today, for some reason. Perhaps it's because the office has been about seven degrees too cold all day, or because I didn't wake up early enough to shower, or because as soon as I went to Chipotle, then they put out the leftover sandwiches from the meeting in the conference room, or just because every human being in this world isn't exactly like me in every way. I don't know what it is, but I'm cranky about it and I don't care who knows it! As a side note, I am the literal poster child for white girl problems today. And YES I'm using ‘literal' correctly there, because someone went and made White Girl Problems posters, and my face is all over them. Okay, I'm lying, but I'm not changing my stance on ‘literal', even though I misused it.

Today's funny video is the one clip of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing in the trailer for The Wolf Of Wall Street, looped over and over again with ‘Blurred Lines' playing in the background and lots of tasteful Leo- and dance-themed movie hashtags flashing over the top of it. They're really quite clever — my favorite one is #DanceDanceRevolutionaryRoad. It's a simple concept, and if you don't like it at the beginning you won't like it at the end, because it never changes, but it's a simple sort of joy. Plus this feature is called ‘Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day', so get off my back, okay? I'm sorry guys. I'm just the grumpiest Gus. Excuse me while I go suck an egg.