In One Night Lena Dunham Shows Us Her Happy Side At The Grammys And Her Sad Side in Girls

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The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Warner Music Group 2013 Grammy Celebration Presented By Mini

Last night was the night I like to refer to as: One night, two Lenas.

First we had the Grammys where Lena Dunham stunned in a yellow dress while playing a supporting role as girlfriend to Jack Antonoff of Fun.

And on the other side of the cable box, we had a new episode of Girls where Lena’s character Hannah falls for an older doctor played by Patrick Wilson. Her two-day love bender leaves her depressed, wanting happiness and not knowing where to find it.

I know it’s the conceit of the show that Hannah has to be figuring stuff out and going about life with an optimistic punch-me-in-the-face-see-if-I-care attitude. BUT IT WAS SO NICE TO SEE LENA DUNHAM HAPPY AND WELL-ADJUSTED AT THE GRAMMYS.

Whenever the camera found Lena during the Grammys she was radiant. Her pixie haircut is so chic, she can really pull off a smoky eye, and I loved her bright yellow dress. She was thrilled for her boyfriend and chatted up the other celebrities.

I looked at Lena and I thought to myself, this is a girl I could bring home for Thanksgiving and my parents would be like “What a fun, sweet girl!” Had I brought last night’s Hannah home, they would “I can see why she didn’t have any options of her own for the Holidays.”

All you need is this Instagram picture of Jack that Lena posted last night post-Grammys to prove that she is a happy, in love 20-something.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.48.28 AM

Quirky hipster girl meets quirky hipster boy and use quirky hipster phone app to take pictures of each other eating quirky hipster just regular late night snacks after a fun night out.

Guys? I love them. I hope that Hannah finds what Lena has. But not too soon because then the show would be less interesting. And also not in a self-referential way because I don't want to deal with any Looper issues here.

I just want Hannah to find her own Jack, go to a performance art awards show with him, have some late night Taco Truck and do a couple's selfie on the roof of a water tower somewhere. Is that too much to ask?

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