With The Election Tomorrow, Lena Dunham Could Be Tweeting Better Stuff About Obama Than This Trolling Photo

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Lena Dunham has made no secret of her support for Barack Obama in tomorrow's election, but I'm not sure how to feel about the latest way that she's shown her affections. HyperVocal noticed that she recently posted this photo to Instagram. It's clear that she's looking to troll people. Considering how her video equating voting with losing your virginity raised conservatives' hackles, she knows that she's gonna get negative backlash for objectifying the POTUS. Still, she has a point:

Lena Dunham Barack Obama butt picture trolling quarter bounce sexualize President election November 6

This cheeky caption marks the second time that Lena has conflated the 2012 election with sex, but I found myself wondering if it were a teeny bit inappropriate? Don't get me wrong, I found her “first time” video to be so darn charming! But that was about voting in general, whereas here she's very specifically joking about our country's leader and his butt.

Obviously Lena isn't the first person to sexualize the President! I remember that before and after Obama's win in 2008, there were plenty of jokes and speculation about his and Michelle‘s sex life and how they were going to celebrate. Not to mention this year, people have been sexualizing Paul Ryan since we first met him a few months ago.

But with voting day being tomorrow, someone with Lena's influence could stand to be a little more productive in her social media postings. Consider that her “first time” video brought up the very relevant issue of women's access to birth control. I could see her smartly engaging her 431,000 Twitter followers with an equally witty joke and inspiring them to vote rather than just retweet.

Like this video, from last week:

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!