10 Name Suggestions For Leighton Meester And Adam Brody’s Baby, Based On Their TV Shows

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Leighton Meester Adam Brody Tony Awards June 2014

Leighton Meester is pregnant with her first child with husband Adam Brody! PopSugar has photos of her out and about over the weekend with a very noticeable (and very adorable) baby bump. I'm already daydreaming about how cute and casual and funny and talented this baby is going to be. Do you think he or she will play a teeny tiny guitar to go with Leighton's? Will he or she have playdates with baby James?

While you let that thought get settled in your mind palace, why don't we talk about baby names? It's never too early to start speculating, and the happy couple might need a little help deciding. So I've gone ahead and narrowed the list of possible names down to a select few, all based on characters from their beloved teen shows, Gossip Girl and The OC. Not Blair or Seth, of course. That would be way too obvious.

1. Rufus

Rufus Gossip Girl


It's so unique! When do you ever meet a kid with a name like Rufus? Sure, it kind of makes me think of a dumb but lovable dog, but this baby could make it work, I just know it.

2. Sandy

Sandy Cohen yogalates


If you want a little West Coast dadspiration, look no further than Sandy Cohen. It works for a girl or a boy, and it's totally chill, just like Leighton and Adam.

3. Chuck

Chuck Bass


Middle name Bass. BOOM. Done. This kid will be cool for life. And once again, it works for both genders. (See: Pushing Daisies)

4. Summer

Summer OC


Sure, it might be a little awkward since Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody were an item for a while way back when, but it's such a cute name. That baby will be drinking mai tais on the beach 24/7. Virgin ones, of course. Out of a bottle.

5. Georgina

Georgina Gossip Girl Jesus


If they want their daughter to have a little edge, why not name her after a manipulative life-ruiner who's great at one-liners?

6. Oliver

Oliver OC


Speaking of manipulative life-ruiners, sure this guy was a crazy creeper straight out of a Lifetime movie, but his name is so cute! It makes me think of little boys with Cockney accents. Do you think they could convince their son to have a Cockney accent?

7. van der Woodsen

Serena Gossip Girl


This is a celebrity baby, after all. Go big or go home. They can call the kid by van for short. Or der. But no upper case letters. They're forbidden.

8. Cohen

Sandy Cohen sexual being


If they want to stick with the last name inspiration but don't want it to be too complicated, then here you go. And if they have twin boys, they can name them both Cohen and call them the Cohen brothers. Eh, too much?

9. Monkey

Monkey Gossip Girl


Sure, it's a bit unconventional to name a child Monkey, but his or her namesake would be the greatest character in Gossip Girl history, so…

10. Bleth or Slair

Blair Waldorf shh


Like I said, Blair and Seth are just too predictable. But combine them, and you've got a whole new funky name. No? Not good? Hello? Where'd you all go?

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