What Does Your Favorite Blair Waldorf Hair Accessory Say About You?

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Today is Leighton Meester‘s 27th birthday and what better way to celebrate than to take a look back at her most well known television role. I am, of course, talking about that time she appeared on 7th Heaven Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl! My two favorite characters on Gossip Girl were Blair Waldorf and Blair Waldorf's wardrobe. I seriously bought a top once because it reminded me of a dress Blair wore. She was easily the best character on the show thanks to Leighton, who totally brought the bitch-with-a-heart to life. But she couldn't have done it without her many, many amusing outfits.

Blair was the queen of the Upper East Side prep school circuit, then the attempted queen of NYU and Columbia University, then the whole of New York City pretty much, and she did it all while wearing the appropriate hair accessories. Blair was rarely without some sort of head accouterment.  I don't know if you knew, but your favorite Blair head-wear says a lot. Your choice is like a personality test-horoscope combination. Choose from one of the these options: headbandberetfascinator, turbancloche hat, tiara; then read below to find out what it all means!




If you chose headband, it means you're a good decision maker. One, because original Blair was the best, so you made the right decision choosing headband. And two, because Blair was much more decisive and focused during the height of her headband days. There was no considering dating Dan Humphrey or not knowing who impregnated her. Being the queen of the Constance Billard was what mattered at this time and her headbands were like crowns. Blair was a bitch in high school, but she was a bitch that you wanted to be. Buying a headband was a good start.




Choosing beret means you're an idealist to the point where you dress up in painfully appropriate outfits that reflect your current interest/location/state of mind. Season four started with Blair and Serena both in Paris doing the types of things that one can imagine would happen in Paris, but that would only actually happen to Blair and Serena. They walked around eating macarons, sipped coffee in front of beautiful cafes, and met a prince. Traveling is not this way for real people. It involves carrying uncomfortable bags, wearing decent walking shoes, and having to pee but not being able to find a bathroom. Blair's Paris outfit shows no concern for any of those things. She wore a dress with cherries all over it that ties at the neck, a Chanel bag, and a beret. A beret! In Paris! Now that's commitment to a fantasy.


leighton meester blair waldorf white fascinator hat(via)

If you chose fascinator, you're determined. Once Blair was engaged to Prince Louis of Monaco, she started dressing the part of a princess immediately. She was all, “Screw Chuck! I'm gonna be a princess and nothing can stop me!” And Blair loved having things try to stop her, so she really thrived on the attempts by Louis' mother and sister and her surprise fetus to ruin the wedding. Conveniently for the show, this plot line coincided with Kate Middleton mania so while people normally would've been like, “What the heck is that tiny hat attached to the side of Blair's head?” then instead said, “Oh hey! It's those things the royal family wears!”


leighton meester blair waldorf turban


You're really dramatic. Or stressed out. Or dramatic because you're stressed. Maybe even stressed out about how dramatic you are. You get the idea. In season six, Blair took over as fashion designer for her mother's company. She got sick leading up to her first runway show so she tried to chill out for a while in an attempt to get better in time. Chilling out for Blair Waldorf means putting on a psychedelic looking caftan and a lime green turban. Nothing say relaxation like something pushing tightly against your head.

Cloche Hat

leighton meester blair waldorf cloche hat


You're worried/confused about something, cloche hat chooser. Blair wore cloche hats a few times throughout the series, notably with the god awful outfit pictured above. In that episode, Blair was visiting Yale, her dream school, but her perfect experience was repeatedly ruined by Serena. Blair wore cloches again a couple times while she was pregnant. This was a very confusing time for Blair as well as for viewers because the show was way too cray at that point.




Watch out, things are about to get wild if you chose tiara. Blair wore a tiara for her wedding to Louis because she was becoming a princess and that's what princesses do. The wedding did not go as planned AT ALL. Blair was still in love with Chuck and sort of in love with Dan and Louis was secretly evil. (Writing all this out really brings back memories of how insane this show's storylines were.) This led Blair to flee her wedding, eventually ending up at the airport wearing an I Heart NY T-shirt, a hoodie, and leggings. Early in the series, she said herself that leggings aren't pants and Blair Waldorf doesn't do ironic dressing! She lives in the Upper East Side, not Brooklyn! She'd ditched the tiara at this point which proves that if you put on a tiara, it will come off and you will be left with Dan Humphrey wearing an ensemble from Boutique Le Airport Giftshop. In her second wedding, to Chuck, Blair wore a sparkly headband; a much better choice that brought back some OG Blair.

Happy birthday, Leighton! Thanks for giving us Blair and great job pulling off all the craziness put on your head over the years!